Capakñan works directly with indigenous communities from Chimborazo

Families who live at 11480 ft work together cultivating quinoa.

The resources obtained from quinoa are to invest in the education of their children, if they do not receive the children they cannot go to school. Selling quinoa in the unprocessed markets helps their economy in a way; however, they recover very little from their investment.

Capakñan works with them to stabilize the market and help them sell to a fair wreck which improves their living conditions.

Luis Ashqui:

I am a father, farmer, and entrepreneur who works in the Andes mountains with my 5 kids. Every day, I woke up at five in the morning to water my plants, take out the plagues, and started harvesting my land.

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Maria Quispe:

Because I plant the quinoa, I can send my children to school. My husband went to work in the city and we did not have any income, so selling Quinoa has been our only source of income. Thanks to mother earth for the quinoa.

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Rosa Guaman:

My grandparents over 50 years planted the quinoa in the Andes and now I am 65 years old, and I plant quinoa that gives us the grain of the gods. Quinoa gives my grandchildren education.

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